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CNC Wireless Transmission Device

CNC Wireless Transmission Device
Transmitting CNC program by notebook is costly and troublesome.
Could not find the right information by using CF USB.
How to control many machines in the factory for organized management?


Mobile RS-232 Wireless Serial Device Server can solve these problems.

Extend Transmission Distance
■ Avoid hindrance of space and messy wiring,
    wireless management in factory.
■ The effective radius access point is 50m.
■ The distance of connection could be extended
     by access point series.
Easy to Expand. Information security
■ One network group of RS-232 can set up to
    254 machines.
■ Simple windows operational interface
     allows easy network to set up with computer.
■ Wireless network security with IEEE 802.11 to transmit
    by protocol, also with WEP encryption to secure
    information safety.
    Do not worry about the reveals of NC information.
File management. Share NC Files
■ NC code programming and simulation in PC, and
     transmission of NC program to CNC machines by
     wireless network. Many people can do NC programming
     at the same time, increase the efficiency.
■ Use multi-DNC system to allow multiple machines to
     save and load NC programs from one PC.
Mobile & Portable 
■ High & Stable transmission as normal wireless.
■ Wireless serial server with battery has high mobility.


■ Light weight, small size. With magnets to attract a CNC machine.

Wireless Transmission
Available : 
Wireless station(AP)
■ Wireless Station (Access Point)
■ IEEE 802.11g(draft)/IEEE 802.11b standards
■ Wireless signal rates : max 54 Mbps
■ Support 10/100Mbps Ethernet port
■ Frequency range: 2400~2483.5 Mhz
    General effective radius: 50m(Can extend)
■ Support TCP/IP, IPX/SPX ,  NetBEUI
■ Security wireless 64-bit/128-bit/152-bit
■ WEP (Wired Eguivalent Privacy)
■ Support windows XP 、 windows 7、 windows 8
■ Warranty for one year
Wireless Server (Immobile/Mobile)
■ Wireless RS232 Serial device Server
■ Single-port DIN-Rail model. (Standard IP50)
■ Reduce the difficulties and cost by wire connection
■ Selectable RS-232/485/422 serial interface
    (15KVESD protection)
■ Support TCP server/client, UDP and virtual COM mode
■ Standard IEEE 802.11b wireless net provide
    11 Mbps brand width
■ Configurable via serial console, telnet, web server,
     and windows based utilities
■ With high efficient 2.4GHz antenna
■ Upgrade the Firmware by networking
■ With handgrip&battery has high mobility
    (Continued using for Max 3 hours)

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