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FrankCAM - Turning

FrankCAM - Turning

User-friendly, easy learn and easy use CAD/CAM

Useful      Especially designed for CNC turning operation
Powerful  Innovative design with modern technology
Simple     Graphic interface makes it easy to operate

Innovation 1 Design for Everyone, even without CAD experience

Easy for every CNC programmer to use .
CNC codes generated without drawing .
Just key in the coordinate & parameter.

With the straight forward interface, input the coordinates or numeric formula and covert to drawing even without any CAD experience

Innovation 2 Geometry Master assistant in drawing

1. Follow the guides to enter the known values
2. No need to memorize the command line
3. Get the drawing with 1 click

It is not necessary to momorize the command.
Variety choices of geometric patterns are available.
Choose a pattern, follow the guides and enter the known values of size.
The rest will be calculated automatically.

Innovation 3 Grooving Order and Process Setup

Depth Groove Always Break the Tool?
Section cutting (depth) groove solves your problem.

Groove tool will not break for cutting (depth) groove,
Coolant cools down the groove tool easily, and scraps can be removed.
The life of the tool increases 3 times or more

FrankCAM Turning Process Guide

Follow process button, operation is so easy.

CAD Function

CAM Function

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